Three Plays – One Hundred Years


One hundred years ago this summer saw the start of what has become known as the war to end all wars. Our October 2014 show tells a story of the start and middle of the Great War and a modern tale of the impact this war still has on our lives.

‘After the Ball is Over’ by Lynn Britney:
Lady Marjorie and her husband, Sir Edwin, regularly hold a summer ball at their country residence. The revels are haunted by the spectre of impending war and few have any idea of how devastating this world conflict will become. What follows is a journey of horror, tragedy and ultimately, love.

‘Grandma’s Photograph’ by Alan Marshall:
Every year the Pye family, like many other families, have a photograph taken in a studio. In 1914 John Pye, the son of the family, has volunteered to fight in France and he has just been issued with his uniform. This continues for the next two years but what is discovered is that the war has imprisoned some, liberated others… nothing will ever be the same again…

‘Dig for the Diggers’ by Lynn Britney:
The Battle of Fromelles took place on the days of 19th and 20th July 1916 and came to be known as ‘the worst 24 hours in Australia’s entire history.’  The Germans buried all those who were killed in mass graves behind German lines. Eventually in 2007, more graves were found and exhumation began; in 2008 the process of DNA matching amongst Australian relatives began…

Three plays with a keen insight into global, local and personal issues endured for the last one hundred years.

29 October – 1 November 2014  
Horfield Parish Hall



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