Auditions for our next show will be held on on Sunday 19th November at 1pm to 4pm.

The plays are Background Artiste and On Location.  They are a pair of plays about an extra (or background artiste), Mary.

The first is set in an agency where Mary first signs up for the job.  It consists of the following characters:

  • Alf Leach, owner of the agency.  Written as an early middle-aged man. Always on the go. Could be adapted to vary the age, and possibly the gender.
  • Jessica, Alf’s assistant.  Young female.  Rather scatterbrained.
  • Enid and Walter.  Elderly married couple.  Although we don’t know this initially they are the parents of Alf, so ages will have to be consistent.
  • Mary, the new recruit.  Written as in her 30s but could be varied.

The second play, On Location, is set in a church hall, which is the canteen for a shoot.  The cast consists of

  • Malcolm – an extra.  Written as a middle-aged man but could be played younger and could be gender swapped
  • Roddy – another extra.  Flamboyantly camp middle-aged man, although could be played as young as mid-30s.  Similar age to Malcolm ideally.
  • Mary – same as first show, although the part could possibly be split for two separate actors
  • Sam – third deputy assistant director.  Young female.
  • Victoria – another extra and also a backer of the show.  Middle aged or a little older elegant woman. Very jolly hockey sticks.

It will be possible for people to take part in one or both of the plays, depending on interest.

None of the parts are physically demanding, although Malcolm does have a significant costume change which will also require makeup during the play.

You do not need to prepare anything for the auditions and there is no experience needed, just turn up! If you cannot make it then please contact htc.secretary@gmail.com and we can try and make alternative arrangements.