Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

Start date: 19 Feb 2014
End date: 22 Feb 2014
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Location: Holly King

Lord Arthur Savile, although not overburdened with brains, is the perfect, well-bred gentleman engaged to the lovely Sybil Merton and is looking forward to a life of eternal happiness.

But his wedding plans are shattered after is told he is destined to commit murder after his future mother-in-law, Lady Julia Merton, arranges for unsettling cheiromantist, Mr Podgers to read his palm. To prevent his future wife from having to bow her head in shame for him, Arthur decides to commit this bloody deed before he marries.

Lord Arthur enlists the help of wily butler Baines and eccentric Prussian Anarchist Herr Winklekopf and together they hatch a series of woefully unsuccessful madcap plots to kill off a family member.