Day of Reckoning

Start date: 13 Feb 2013
End date: 16 Feb 2013
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Location: Dom Sugrue

The summer fete committee of a typical British village meets on a cold January night to discuss arrangements for that year’s fete. As committee protocol gives way to bickering and gossip, along with the unending problem of where to put the tea tent, we begin to see the personalities of those present. Much innuendo abounds around the vicar whose faith is in question and who enjoys more than his share of the communion wine and has a passion for someone other than his wife.

6 months later, we are in the throngs of a summer fete with prizes going missing, windows not opening and revelations that there was more than one affair going on, distress at missing floats, gunshots and someone getting to the end of their tether. These events are related with humour and pathos, with the upbeat ending affirming the enduring value of village life.