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The Actress

Written By: Peter Quilter
Directed By: Judith Claypoole
Assistant Director: Amanda Nutton

A touching and hilarious comedy about an actress making her farewell performance… ‘The Actress’ dramatises the events backstage as a colourful, complicated actress makes her emotional farewell performance. Various people from her life invade her dressing room to say their goodbyes, declare their love, roar with laughter, spit insults, grab a final embrace, and renew… Read More »

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Allo Allo

Written by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd
Directed by Dom Sugrue

Based on the hit TV series written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft, the story follows the adventures of René Artois, a café owner in the town of Nouvion in German occupied France. Surrounded by German Officers, the Gestapo, Resistance fighters, amorous waitresses, escaped Allied airmen and a British agent disguised as a Frinch polossman… Read More »

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The Princess and the Pea

Written by Peter Bond

Based loosely on the story by Hans Christian Andersen ‘The Princess and the Pea’ is brought to you as a collaborative project by St Andrews Players and Horfield Theatre Company, written by Peter Bond.

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

Directed by Holly King

Lord Arthur Savile, although not overburdened with brains, is the perfect, well-bred gentleman engaged to the lovely Sybil Merton and is looking forward to a life of eternal happiness. But his wedding plans are shattered after is told he is destined to commit murder after his future mother-in-law, Lady Julia Merton, arranges for unsettling cheiromantist,… Read More »

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Nunsense The MEGA Musical

The convent in the small town of Hoboken has had a calamitous event. 52 sisters have been fatally struck down by a bowl of tainted vichyssoise but thanks to Reverend Mother miscalculating and spending the last of the finances on a plasma TV only 48 sisters have been buried,! So come and meet the Brothers… Read More »

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Day of Reckoning

Written By Pam Valentine
Directed By Dom Sugrue

The summer fete committee of a typical British village meets on a cold January night to discuss arrangements for that year’s fete. As a committee protocol gives way to bickering and gossip, along with the unending problem of where to put the tea tent, we begin to see the personalities of those present. Much innuendo… Read More »

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Calendar Girls

Written By Tim Firth
Directed By Judith Claypoole
Produced By Bob Derrick

A group of extraordinary women, members of a very ordinary Yorkshire WI, persuade one another to pose for a charity calendar with a difference. Overcoming their initial reserve and riding the wrath of the outraged WI, the friends drop their dressing gowns, their modesty spared only by artfully placed cakes, knitting and flower arrangements. But… Read More »

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The Fix

Written By John Dempsy
Music By Dana P Rowe
Produced By Judith Claypoole

Reed Chandler is just about to be elected as President of the USA when he dies in the arms of a young lady. Violet, his wife, is so enraged at missing her chance to be the First Lady that she decides to groom her layabout son Cal for the Presidency. As Violet so eloquently puts… Read More »

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Written By Joe Masteroff
Lyrics By Fred Ebb
Music By John Kander

Based on the play by John Van Druten and Stories by Christopher Isherwood.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Written By Roald Dahl
Adapted By Richard George
Directed By Many Nutton and Ruth Pitter

Rose Bowl Nominated: Best Youth Production

The Pajama Game

Based on the novel 'Seven-and-a-Half Cents' by Richard Bissell

Music and Lyrics By Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
Directed By Judith Claypoole
Musical Director Duncan Jennings

A labor dispute by the workers of the Sleep Tite Pajama Factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the theme of this highly entertaining musical comedy. The story unfolds at a rollicking pace, accompanied by an exhilarating score including such hits as ‘Hernando’s Hideaway’, ‘Hey There’ and ‘Steam Heat’. The Pajama Game which opened on Broadway… Read More »

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A Place With The Pigs

Written By Athol Fugard
Directed By Yvette Kydd and Grahame Rose

Presented at The Alma Tavern Theatre Rose Bowl Winner: Best Actor, Best Set Rose Bowl Nominated: Best Production

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Written By William Shakespeare
Directed By Bob Derrick

Rose Bowl Nominated: Best Shakespeare Production

The Wiz

A William Brown book
Music by Charlie Smalls
Directed By James Hall


Fiddler On The Roof

The Witches

Written By Roald Dahl
Adapted By David Wood
Produced By Julie Nicholson

More details coming soon

Seasons Greetings

Written By Alan Ayckbourn
Produced By Julie Nicholson

More details coming soon

The Chrysalids

Written By David Harrower
Based on an original story by John Wyndam
Directed By James Hall

The story focuses on a group of young people living in a post-holocaust world who have the power to communicate telepathically. Their society is divided at birth by those who are physically ‘perfect’ and those who are not.

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Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat


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